Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Day

Well we can officially welcome in the new year and what a magical one it is! 1/1/11!  I've had a very chilled day and night and looking forward to getting my teeth into some new projects very very soon!! Lots of ideas going through my mind inspired by a lot of people who post on a forum I use and one I plan to post a lot more on as I'm keen to get to know like minded folks and share ideas!  I'm going to continue jewellery making with one of me best friends and we are gonna look at lots of new ventures and things we could do!  We have spent the last year or so making jewellery together and sharing ideas and long may it continue!!  When we get sacked from work it will become our new business! hehehehehe Right time to put the kettle on!
Blessings x

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