Sunday, 30 January 2011

Toilet Roll Cake! lol

Made my brother a toilet roll cake for his birthday on 25th! and this is me just managing to post the result lol
For a first attempt and the fact It was pulled apart and put together again and was in my car most of the day with a seatbelt wrapped around it! I think its not too bad at all lmao  was fun to create!


  1. This looks a fun present - might do a similar thing for my student son. Good luck with re-starting your crafting this year. You've made a good start so far. x

  2. Thanks! It was fun to make and he found it very funny as did others lol. His main present hadn't arrived in time for his birthday so it was a funny alternative till it showed up the next day! Thanks for the good luck I think I may need it! Happy crafting!

    twinkle x

  3. Lisa what a brilliant gift. There's so many blokes out there you would just love to give this to.