Saturday, 5 March 2011

New stash from SECC craft fair!

 The above is me new card stash!!
 Followed by some paper woooooooooop!  Loving all the colours :)
 Was very excited to get my hands on some candi to try out!  There were so many gorgeous colours but I went with the pastel tones for now :)
Soooooooooo excited to eventually get my hands on some promarkers!!  oh n some aqua markers too coz the lady was demonstaring how to use them n they were turning out lovely!!  Just hoping I can create the same effects! I sure will give it a go lol

Oh and I meant to get skin tone romarkers and it completely went out my mind in the excitement so if someone could tell me again the cheapest place online that sells them I would be extremely grateful!  I've done a search and can't find the site I was told about a wee while back :(

Had a brill time at the SECC lots of bargains to be had, sadly I didn't get a cuttlebug or big shot etc coz I couldn't make my mind up.  I was looking for the spellbinders one but didn't see anyone there with it unless I missed it.....I kinda felt a very bit dissapointed as I felt there was much less there this time but great bargains and great fun all the same :)  I have also become a create and craft member so I might see what they have machine wise by payday next week!  I love buying crafty bits and bobs!

twinkle x


  1. Try Cowling and Wilcox for Promarkers...they usually have free delivery codes online too if you search. I always buy from there - the delivery is quick and service fab.

    I'm off to the SECC today...your stash is making me jealous :)

  2. Thankyou flying fresian!! I will defo give them a go :)

    Hope you had a fab time at the craft fair
    twinkle x

  3. Wow lots of great stash. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Wow great stash! I didn't go this time but looks like there was a lot of bargains to be had. Did you decide on a machine? Jaqui x